Bomo Hotels Managment

BOMO HOTEL offers a wide range of personalized services and assists hotel owners to achieve desired results.

  • Hotel management using the Brand Name of our group or long-term lease of the hotel.
  • a. Consulting Hotel Management
  • b. Total Hotel Management, with or without financial management (included presence - supervision, organization from zero basis).
  • Annual secretarial support, selection – recruitment of staff, E-marketing, Sales & After Sales, from our headquarters of our company in Thessaloniki.


  • Market Analysis, Forecasting, Planning.
  • Performance and Market Share Analysis
  • Market & Competitive Position.
  • Understanding the trends and forces that will shape tourism in the future.
  • Danger Management and risk spreading
  • Building a Safe Business Environment.
  • Development of Hotel concept.
  • Strategic market planning, repositioning to the tourism market and organizational restructuring
  • Development planning and Business Feasibility
  • Importance to detail
  • Productivity: Creating an extremely efficient, profitable and flexible hotel business.
  • Hospitality, Sales & Marketing.
  • Develop a clear strategic axis maximizing hotel revenue.
  • Pricing, Performance and Revenue Management.
  • Emphasis on "building" revenue.
  • Locating and exploiting Seniors Supliers.
  • E- commerce and strategic OTAs (On-Line Travel Agents)
  • We work with a dynamic Tour Operators network.
  • Make full use of your unit's capabilities.
  • Creating clear, realistic goals.


You may have the most beautiful hotel unit, but this is of no value if you do not have visitors to fill your rooms. Stay calm, we can help you create the Marketing Strategy that will be the most effective to increase your hotel sales and revenue.

  • Permanent supervision of your hotel by a Sales & Marketing Officer.
  • Guide to the development and implementation of the Marketing Plan.
  • Coordinate all available marketing tools and overall advertising strategy.
  • Control and approval of specific marketing strategies, programs (Power Point presentations, brochures, advertisements, etc.)
  • Creating an advertising campaign.


  • Making sales calls with key suppliers on your behalf.
  • Coordinate participation in appropriate trade fairs, domestic and international, and share costs with other participating hotel businesses.Submit monthly sales reports for your unit.
  • Creating Press Releases and spreading them according to needs.
  • Press and Media Procedures.
  • Increase interest for your hotel.
  • Building your corporate reputation.
  • Loyalty Club development.

Web Site & E-marketing

We move your website beyond the design. We create the right balance between usability, high traffic and design.

  • We build your new website tailored to your needs or optimize the existing one.
  • Modern Templates that will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Evaluated Domain Names
  • Cloud Support so you can access and manage your website anytime and anywhere.
  • Permanent Support of your website.
  • Attract more visitors to your website.
  • SEO & Search Engine Marketing, SMO (Social Media Optimization) PPC (AdWords)
  • Manage your Internet reputation.
  • Trip Advisor Consulting And Upgrades

Hotel e- Commerce and e- Distribution

We can achieve a proper presence and placement of your hotel on all online travel websites and the distribution of your rooms in the most profitable way for you.

  • We install on your website a user-friendly, reliable, next-generation On Line-Real Time booking system.
  • Absolutely tailored to your hotel's corporate identity.
  • We encourage direct bookings (avoiding excessive fees to third parties).
  • Value-added bookings with optimized profit.
  • Collaboration and booking through all major OTAs. Manage through Channel Manager.
  • We build dynamic pricelists with offers, packages and discounts.
  • B2B On Line Pricelists and Reservation System.
  • B2C On Line Pricelists and Reservation System.

Web Site & E-marketing

  • Optimized mobile webpage for all mobile devices (Responsive).
  • Hosting on our Server.
  • Up to 12 corporate email addresses, corresponding to your Domain Name.
  • Detailed statistics and trends for your website (every 15 days).
  • Building hyperlinks to other sites.
  • Managing Social Media Networks.
  • Information Letters and Direct E-mails. Extensive Database of 200,000 Greek and International Verified Emails. 100% delivery success and antispam filters. Delivery Quality Statistics.
  • Random Draws - Competitions, e-Coupons.

Hotel e- Commerce and e- Distribution

  • "Best Guaranteed Platform" platform.
  • Extensive presence of the hotel on our central site ... with access to our entire network of buyers and travelers.
  • Advantage of using the reservation platform of …
  • Showcase of your hotel through our Company's iOS and Android app.
  • Install a handy, affordable hotel program, if required.
  • Full management of hotel reservations, if required.

Wholesalers, Tour Operators & Travel Agents

  • Depending on your area, we will make sure you make new partnerships with a long list of key Travel Agents and your respective entry into their online and printed brochure.
  • We support new contracts with an active broad portfolio of Domestic and International Tour Operators.
  • Allotment and / or guarantee (commitment) contracts with major Tour Operators, and on-request agreements with other major travel agents and / or companies.


Bomo Hotels