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Holidays in Athens is an unforgettable experience: the captivating capital of Greece is beautiful for its inner beauty, which does not open to everyone.
The true treasure of this region is a coastline of over 500 km long with magnificent sandy and pebble beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea.
Evia (Evia) is the second largest island of Greece after Crete and the third island after Cyprus in the Eastern Mediterranean. The area of Evia is 3580 square meters. km, and the length of the coastline - 680 km!
The beautiful island of Crete is a dream for many travelers, because here like nowhere else in the world do you enjoy the delightful azure sea, fascinating mountain scenery
The southern and western parts of Pieria are mountainous. On the contrary, the coastal zone is a long and rich plain, which makes up 40% of the total area.